Pikes Peak Prestidigitators

Assembly 170, The Society of American Magicians

  1. Jeremy Chisum, President
    Jeremy’s interest in magic began shortly after he moved to Colorado in 2010. He primarily focuses on magic and mentalism for social and parlor settings. Jeremy changed careers from aircraft maintenance to providing counseling services for combat vets. During both careers, he held a passion for psychology, but is now interested in the psychology of how magic works
  2. Jordan Myers, Vice President
  3. Mark Weidhaas, Secretary
    Mark Weidhaas is a past-president of Assembly 170 and a Past-National President of the Society of American Magicians. He has been a professional performer as "Inspector Magic" for over 25 years. His favorite style of performance is educational school assembly programs, library reading shows and weekend birthday parties. He is currently the S.A.M. National Convention Executive and is planning the Orlando 2018 convention. www.inspectormagic.com
  4. Lisa Bischoff, Treasurer
    "I have been fascinated with magic since I was younger. My background is in electrical engineering and love knowing how things work! I really became invested with magic back in 2013 when I was invited to a PPP flea market and started purchasing magic tricks. Every since then I was hooked and my love of magic has grown! I have performed on mission trips in other countries and love it!"
  5. Dave Wintermute, Sgt-at-arms
    Dr Dave
  6. Bill Wysong, Dean
    Bill 'Quig' Wysong is the Dean of the Assembly, having been involved in magic for over 50 years. He provides guidance and counsel to the members as they grow in magic.